Riser services

Canny Oil can fully support customers with great experiences (20+ years) in the inspection, repair and refurbishment of marine drilling riser systems (OEM styles, provided by Aker, Cameron, GE Oil and Gas, NOV). Riser service has been one of our main services from the early development stage of Canny Oil, and we are continuously improving and perfecting this service’s performance over the years. We have rich working experience.

In the past, for example, we obtained the PO for 5-year periodic programs of HYSY – 981 deep-water semi-submersible drilling platforms – and successfully repaired and refurbished 137 sets of risers in 2016. You should never miss such an experiential supplier as us in China, since our skills and expertise on riser service are among our main competences.

Key features:

  • Adopt advanced inspection methodology
  • Provide expert disassemble, inspection, machining, welding, blasting, coating, testing, third-party recertification, assemble services
  • Offer available spare parts for drilling riser systems and off-site repairs
  • Assure quality meet the specifications
  • API 16 A, API 16C certificated services
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified operation