GOS, KGOL, SRC and PWT Series Oil-Water Separators

Canny Oil is concerned about the potential effects of water pollution on our natural environment. Oil pollution is devastating to our planet, and oil-water separation is a necessity in providing clean-up of the oily water. Poor industrial wastewater disposal damages our environment, ultimately resulting in a huge impact on our lives and environment. We feel obligated to contribute (even just a little) to build a better world in a sustainable way. Four series’ separator solutions in different manufacturing settings are provided to solve our customers’ specific environmental needs.

GOS series high-precision oil-water separator

Based on Stokes’ law principles and wetting condensation principals, our GOS series high-precision oil-water separators can separate oil that is difficult to remove from the water (e.g. dispersal oil, emulsified oil, oil-solids, dissolved oil), thus achieving the target of high processing accuracy in the clean-up process. The key technology of GOS, advanced molecular modification technology for fibre materials, reduces the oil content to ≤ 0.5mg/L (lower than the figure provided by Apollo’s product). The GOS series high-precision oil-water separator series includes GOSA, GOSB, GOSK, and EXTRA. These use an advanced separation method to gather the oil droplets into larger pieces on the surface of the filter material. Then, the oil droplets will float to the surface of the water. Thus, the oil removal rate of the GOS series is higher than other available oil-water separators in the current market.


Oil refineries, petrochemical plants (single tower stripping), Gas field condensate water, Hot thick heavy oil boiler, oilfield refilling water process, Chemical industry, Coal chemical industry, Metallurgy, Steel, and Cold rolling plants.

KGOL series fast online backwashing oily water filter

Considering the difficulty of sewage treatment and filter material regeneration, the short length of the product life cycle, and the low efficiency of the clean-up process, we developed and improved the filter material. Now, coal tar, crude oil, heavy oil, and oils of other viscosity can be successfully separated. The key technologies of a new modified fibrous globule filtering ball (hydrophilic, oleophobic) and online backwashing allow our filter to achieve SS <= 5mg/l for water filtration with less than or equal to 5 μm filtration effect. Our fast filter features speeds up to 40 m/h while the filtration accuracy stays between 2-5 μm; therefore, reaching around 30% to 60% removal rate. The KGOL series adopts special structural design and a pneumatic mechanism to control the status of the filter material (compression vs. looseness). The unit’s modular design, differential pressure controller and fully compacted filter material achieve high backwashing accuracy, high precision of filtration, and high efficiency during the clean-up process.


Oilfield refilling water process, Power plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants, refinery plants, Metallurgical industry, Coal-carbon industry, Other oily water sewage.

SRC rotary coalescence filter

Based on the methods of coalescence, centrifugal separation, and high-precision filtration, this SRC filter uses new coalescing filter material for rotation. When the oily sewage passes through the rotating coalescing filter material, large suspended matter is smashed toward the inner wall of the filter while water and oil droplets pass through the filter material. The coalescing principal and the centripetal force then gather the oil droplets. Therefore, the increasing effectiveness of the colliding process between oil droplets and this new material (wetting coalescence) leads to a significant improvement of the overall clean-up process (e.g. backwashing time, operation cost, coalescence speed, application scope and separation efficiency).

PWT oily water high-efficiency filter

According to the principle of sieving coalescence, a PWT filter is able to sieve and disperse oils, processing the suspended solids and effluent oil at the same time. We use imported mixed-modified polymer synthetic fibre as the PWT filter. This synthetic material’s wetting angle on the surface reaches an extremely low range whose surface function is not affected by the increase of the number of kickbacks. This material is attached to the base material in tufts, which improves filtration precision. However, it detaches from the base material during backwashing period extend the length of filter material usage time. The use of this special material, the efficiency of backwash and utilization of filter material ultimately give rise to filtration precision. PWT is usually used to enhance the performance of the SRC, KOGL or GOS series separators.


Oilfield refilling water process, Gas field condensate water, Coal chemical industry, Coking process, Well-flushing vehicle water treatment process, Oil depot or irrigation area, Refinery, Hydrometallurgy, Other oily sewage.

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